Payment Method

The payment method below are all availbe in

1. Credit Card

2. Paypal

3. Google Pay

4. Apple Pay

5. SHOP Pay


If your refund is requested and confimed by our customer service. Our finance department will refund you within 2 working days.
Please note: the time you receive the refund depends on your bank, usually it takes 3 to 15 days.


Q1. Why I cannot pay through PayPal?
A: Paypal can only be used when seller has activated Paypal account for his/her store, and, meanwhile, the order will be shipped to below countries(in alphabetical order):
French, Germany, Italy, Israel, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emiratesd
Note: Paypal will automatically be displayed among the payment methods if it is available. When it is not available, please use other payment methods.

Q2. What is 3-D Secure?
A: 3-D Secure is an XML-based protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transaction with the intention of improving the security of Internet payments.
When the cardholder makes a purchase with a participating merchant, a pop-up appears demanding that the cardholder activate the card by entering a password and personal information.